Monday, May 5, 2008

Let Me Out!

(Grrrr....lost post....trying again.)

So I've successfully moved from Southern Big City to Bridge City. Well, almost. My car, cat, and I have made the trip.

The real adventure of the journey happened within the first hour. I had packaged my cat in the backseat because I wanted to hold his carrier in place with a seat belt. I am driving along the Interstate and I hear this incessant meowing. I tell my cat that I will stop at the next exit. Half a mile from the exit, I hear this awful noise where it sounds like my cat is eating his carrier. Get to the exit, stop at the nearest gas station, and go to investigate. My cat had figured out how to open his carrier and had his head and one paw out. Called the significant other..."smart owner, smart cat" My belongings on the floor of the front seat switched places with my cat. He was relatively well behaved the rest of the journey.

The feline is still pretty stressed, but I am hoping he will calm down soon. As for me, I have found the grocery store, mall, and church so I'm not doing too badly.

The next moving saga will commence when the rest of my belongings get here. I have a persistent hunch that I have a 36" couch and a 32" door... Will update as I get a chance.


Amanda said...

Good luck on the couch front!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Good luck with the rest of the move!