Monday, November 3, 2008

On Dispatches from the Christian Right

Christian Right, Moral Majority; whatever you want to call them, you can take your pick.

The impetus behind this post is that I have been spending more time on Facebook. One of my friends joined a group protesting the latest Focus on the Family publication of why we should pray for the election to go a certain way. The publication carries the form of a letter that runs 16 pages. Yet, of all of the potential issues, gay marriage carries the day as to the source of the unraveling of American society.

For my part, I understand the reasons both pro and con to gay marriage; I can understand why the word "marriage" invokes a particular response. Yet, I cannot for the life of me figure out why politically, gay marriage represents the worse idea ever in American society. (Honestly, weighed against issues like poverty, failing schools, significant foreign conflict, a sputtering economy, etc, why should something like gay marriage be a focal point?)

I think Americans must be able to practice 1st Amendment rights that include freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. I love that these freedoms can be expressed civilly. We can have disagreements in this country while retaining the dignity of people involved. I believe that people being able to say things are "wrong", "unjust", "sinful", or "unloving" is a necessary part of the discourse. Again, we can certainly disagree with how other people see an issue; yet taking a stand based on personal convictions can be a good thing.

For most people, the conservative conversation around gay marriage centers around the rights of parents and the rights of churches. Parents must continue to play a central role in their child's education. Downplaying parental involvement will only limit what schools will be able to do. Similarly, a hosting venue does have restrictions on various event forms that can occur within that venue. Typically the idea that one member of a couple has been a member of a particular church for 6 months seems to be increasing as a requirement to be married within a particular church.

I'm just tired of allegations suggesting that GLBT persons are somehow the impetus of all that is wrong with America.



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Amanda said...

I agree! It drives me up a wall when everything comes down to this one particular issue. I think that even if you are opposed to gay marriage (and by you I don't mean you in particular, but you in the general sense), there are many other more important things to worry about than whether or not two women/men can get hitched.

JadedSapphist said...

What really bothers me is not that this particular group opposes gay marriage, but that they do so with such a lack of integrity. I think disagreements and discussions are necessary for such a diverse society as ours, however engaging in lies, and invoking unnecessary fear really do more damage to their ultimate cause. I suppose this is what they mean by “loving gay people to Jesus.”

Enjoyed your rant!

Candid Engineer said...

I'm just tired of allegations suggesting that GLBT persons are somehow the impetus of all that is wrong with America.

Well, that makes two of us.

Academic said...

Actually Candid, it looks like there are 5 of us (and counting!) from the comments on this post.