Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scientiae: Genius is...

1% inspiration,99% desperation or so it seems from this month's carnival submissions. With it being the least wonderful time of the year, I decided that it would be prudent to go on a bit of a drive to pick people up.

Alyssa from Apple Pie and the Universe (formerly Mrs. Comet Hunter) invited us to go down memory lane and think about when the first day of school was fun. Instead she finds that the first days of school mark the loss of quiet hallways, short lines at coffee shops, and all the good parking spots. After all, it's all about research. ScientistMother shares a similar sentiment about most semesters being fun, but this semester doesn't strike her as much. (As an aside, I can relate which transitioning through different program stages... for the graduate student readers, here's a pretty classic picture of motivation through time, courtesy of PhD comics... for the more senior readers, what should the appropriate motivation curve look like? Discuss amongst yourselves....)

S. at More than a Permanent Student recommends joining Team M-E for getting research done, finding inspiration in putting yourself first at thesis time... and if all else fails, she could always start an M-E franchise. (And I see the letters M-E and I think Mechanical Engineering...)

And speaking of engineers, I thought about the white knuckling experience about trying to pull off research in the fast lane. Sometimes you just need to floor it.

Sciencewoman, of Sciencewomen fame, joined the chorus about research in telling her tale of 2 grant proposals. The muse strikes as she frames the question "Inspiration or desperation?" where she proposes,
Maybe it all depends on perspective. .... Is the sense of inspiration or desperation merely a by-product of whether the project is finished or not?
Ms. PhD at YoungFemaleScientist scours amongst her movies to pull a perspective from Kill Bill asking if it's really relief or regret.

Dr Isis reminds us that it's not really all research all of the time. As a long time follower of the blog, I must say that she's pulled out some stops with this particular excursion into Photoshop.

Jennie at Just a Girl makes her Scientiae debut (woohoo!!!) and also thinks broadly about the nature of goal setting. She remarks,
I want to be inspired but should probably realize that inspiration doesn't come from some mystic box and it's not something that one finds deep within one's self during a walkabout. Inspiration is hard, inspiration is something someone finds when they work hard to get out of the desperation.
And then I found the office decorating folks! (I know I could recruit from Dr. Isis's Photoshop stash, but I think she would slap my hand.)

Pat at Fairer Science makes some strong recommendations for quotable quotes. My personal favorite? "One foot in front of the other, roadblocks are just time outs for thinking."

And then Bringido at Dirt and Rocks provides a fantastic image collection of women writers, who she notes "are all women and many are in their 'later years'". Talk about inspiration!

But I do have to say that, if I were a biologist, I would be all over the artwork (*gore warning, but you really want to click anyway because it's awesome) posted on Muddy Misadventures.

So thanks all for the carnival! Let me know if I missed anyone's posts in the carnival. I tried to be diligent.


ScienceWoman said...

Thanks for putting together a great scientiae! What an artistic set of posts.

Alyssa said...

Great work, academic! Thanks for putting this together - I look forward to reading all the posts.

PhysioProf said...

Nice job!!